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Baby-Led Weaning

As soon as Duke was born, I knew I wanted to try Baby-Led Weaning but I had no idea where to start.  What can he have? What can’t he have? Is he going to choke?

Fear not friends, after a ton of research, reading all the books, and watching all the YouTube videos, I can confidently lead you in the right direction. This book is all you need – The Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook: 130 Recipes That Will Help Your Baby Learn to Eat Solid Foodsand That the Whole Family Will Enjoy


There is sister book to this one called Baby-Led Weaning: The Essential Guide to Introducing Solid Food.  You do not need this book! The link above for the Cookbook has all the same information in addition to a ton of recipes.

So if you are looking to do BLW, your first stop is to buy that book.  Now my thoughts on BLW.

Some days I love it, some days I hate it.

I think a lot of people preach how much simpler than purées it is.  This is not the case.  It’s super messy.  You will be doing a ton of laundry, scrubbing of highchairs, and vacuuming the floor.  Or if you are lazy like me,  calling the dogs over to eat the spilled food.


My loyal vacuum cleaner

You still have to cook food.  It’s not as simple as sharing your food with the baby, which is what I thought it would be.  Unless you’re already eating a perfectly well-balanced meal at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, additional work will be required.  You want your baby exposed to a ton of food, and it’s not always stuff you are planning to make for yourself.

The baby will not eat most of this food at the beginning.  In fact, most of it will be swished around in baby’s mouth and spit out.  If this upsets you, BLW is not for you.


That was a cupcake at one point…

Also, most babies go to bed at 7-8 pm.  If you plan on “sharing” your dinner with the baby, you’d have to eat dinner at 4.  I don’t know about everyone else’s situation, but my husband isn’t even home until around 6.

Now the positives.  My son gets to decide what foods he likes and doesn’t like.  He puts food in his mouth and tastes it, then he makes a decision on whether or not to eat it.

He gets to decide when he is full. When you feed your baby purées, you may not be able to read your baby’s cues.  Or you may be tempted to force feed that last spoonful.  That doesn’t happen with BLW.  When Duke is full, he literally feeds his food to our dogs.  I love this because it teaches him to trust his body to tell him when he is full.  A huge positive for his future health.


“hmmm, do I like this or not?”

Duke has gotten so much more coordinated through BLW.  He has to pick up food with his hand and get it in his mouth.  He has an amazing pincer grip from trying to pick up small pieces of food.  I think BLW has certainly helped develop his hand-eye coordination.

I do not worry about when to introduce what foods.  Duke eats peanut butter and eggs.  He eats the same type of foods adults would eat.  I know with a lot of weaning techniques they encourage you to wait to introduce foods on a schedule.  The BLW Cookbook suggested above, explains to you that is not necessary.



Overall, I love BLW.  It’s so fun to watch Duke experience new foods.  In my opinion, it’s better for him and he gets to eat pieces of what we are eating, which he loves.  If you are interested, or plan on doing it, I urge you to get the BLW Cookbook.  Then feel free to leave any questions you have for me in the comments or on my instagram.