Hey!  I guess I should start with the basics.  My name is Elise, I’m 26, from Chicago, living in Atlanta, married, and trying to have a baby.  That last part is what is important for this blog.

When I was 19 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, and I always thought that would be the biggest challenge I would face.  Wow, was I wrong.  About 2 years ago my husband and I got baby fever.  Actually, my husband got baby fever, and I agreed we were ready.  I remember thinking that the second we decided to try, I would get pregnant.  I was even completely shocked when I got a negative on a test the first month.  Little did I know, that first month was just the beginning of a much longer journey.

When I first suspected something was wrong, I immediately went to the doctor.  She told me the phrase that would come to be mentioned in nearly every aspect of this battle, “you’re so young”.  She said due to my age, she wouldn’t do any testing until we’d tried for a year without success.  I knew in my heart I’d be back.

A year later I returned and was official diagnosed with infertility.  After testing we quickly determined I had PCOS but the good news was my tubes were clear and my husband did his part and was “well above average”, as he loves to brag.  The doctor prescribed Clomid and so began our first steps in the world of infertility.

The first month the Clomid did nothing, and I did not ovulate.  However, the second month a miracle happened.  The first time I ovulated in over a year, I was pregnant.  I couldn’t believe it.  What luck!  I took at least 10 pregnancy tests before telling my husband.

I used our dogs to announce the pregnancy to my husband. I dressed them up and sent them to greet him when he opened the door. Their faces say it all, “I hate you woman.”  

I used our dogs to announce the pregnancy to my husband. I dressed them up and sent them to greet him when he opened the door.

However, I knew something was wrong immediately.  I started spotting before I even took the pregnancy test.  When I called my doctor she told me to take it easy for the weekend and come in on Monday for an HCG draw.  When I went in on Monday the spotting had slowed, and I was feeling hopeful.  The labs came back at 95 and she told me that was perfect for being 4 weeks pregnant.  I came in again in 48 hours to make sure that the HCG had doubled, and thankfully it had.  A few weeks later I was bent over in extreme pain.  I was 100% sure it was just my Crohn’s Disease acting up so I took a bath and tried to numb the pain with a heating pad.  When I went to the bathroom, I saw bright red blood.  I knew immediately.  The pain I was feeling was me miscarrying.  I called my doctor and the told me that some women experience bleeding their whole pregnancy. The bleeding stopped quickly after it started, and I tried to calm down.  That night I took a pregnancy test and the line appeared to be slightly lighter than the test I had taken the morning prior.  My husband tried to calm me down and say that it could just be a fluke, that maybe my urine wasn’t as concentrated as it was in the morning.  The next morning I took another test.  It had again faded.  That weekend, as I laid by the pool, I officially began to miscarry.  We tracked my HCG down to 0 and were told to take a month off.

That was the first and last true pregnancy I have had.  Since then we have moved to an amazing RE and despite huge amounts of time and effort (not to mention money), we haven’t been able to achieve a second pregnancy.  My RE was also able to diagnose me with Endometriosis.  For those keeping track that means I have Crohn’s Disease, PCOS, and Endo.

Despite the struggles we have had, we refuse to give up.  Our next step is IVF which we are starting this month.  This blog will follow our journey to achieve our dream of having a baby.  I’m lucky that my husband is 100% on board for whatever I want to do.  He puts no limits on what we will do to have a family.

Please feel free to follow along, comment, ask questions, and contact me if you need support.

Thank you so much for reading!


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